Career Paths/Opportunities

What Kind of Jobs Are There at WFEC?

We have jobs for engineers and technicians. 
Our transmission engineers design high voltage transmission lines and substations.  They also design control systems to operate those substations remotely and a communications network to coordinate the operation of the transmission system.  Our generation engineers maintain and improve the efficiency of our three main power plants to reduce costs and ensure availability. Our communications engineers design and expand WFEC’s microwave communications network to enable all of our facilities to work together.  Our system operators control our generation and transmission networks.  If your degree is in engineering or technology, you will find WFEC offers challenging and dynamic engineering opportunities.

WFEC Engineer

We have jobs for those who enjoy the challenge of working outdoors in all kinds of weather. 
Our transmission system extends more than 3,600 miles and includes 267 substations.  Our transmission technicians, systems technicians and station maintenance mechanics keep it operating with regular maintenance.  Whether it is a snake in the substation or a tornado that causes an outage, our transmission maintenance crews mobilize to rebuild and restore electric service to our members.  If you like working outdoors and accept the “get the lights back on” challenge, then the transmission maintenance jobs are just what you want.

Line Repair Work

WFEC has jobs that mean running some big machines. 
Our power plants utilize heavy equipment in the electric generation process. There are jobs in plant operations, maintenance, fuel handling, water treatment, electronics and system controls.  They are all integral to the generation process. These jobs incorporate advanced technology. They offer the satisfaction of maintaining sophisticated machinery at a high level of availability and efficiency.  Power Plant Operators, Maintenance Mechanics, Fuel Systems Operators, Instrumentation and Controls Technicians and Computer Technicians are among the jobs that create the electricity our members need.   If your experience includes hands-on skills needed to run a power plant, there are excellent job opportunities at WFEC.

We have challenging jobs supporting and operating a major business in Oklahoma. 
Hundreds of millions of dollars flow through WFEC each year.  A committed professional support services staff is necessary to keep WFEC financially strong. These jobs include accountants, analysts, network and data base specialists, human resources professionals and marketing specialists.  Support jobs range from personal computer technicians and clerical staff positions to warehouse operations and building maintenance.  If your experience includes spreadsheets, reports, personal computers or office support work, WFEC has jobs of interest for you.

WFEC Accountants