Products and Services

Western Farmers Electric Cooperative (WFEC) has developed numerous products and services offered through their distribution cooperatives created to build and strengthen relationships with consumers. These services forged out of “Strategic Relationships” with best in class organizations exemplify… People helping People find Powerful Solutions.

Bill Consolidation & Payment Services
This service offers multi-site utility customers a utility information management service called “Utility Bill Pay”.  It offers utility bill payment administration, utility consumption and cost tracking as well as utility information services via the internet.  The service processes and pays your utility bill prioritized by due date.  By adopting our “First Due – First Through” standard we are able to achieve a higher level of on time payments, thus reducing your late fees and the potential for disconnection of service. Our primary concern is paying your utility bills timely and accurately and it is our First Due – First Through process that sets our service apart from others offering similar services.

With Utility Bill Pay, you can reduce your company’s administration costs, save time and provide powerful management decision support.  Now you can outsource the costly and time consuming task of tracking, evaluating, and managing utility costs across multiple sites thus maximizing the earning potential on their cash.  The system even tracks your carbon footprint.

Current types of users: Big Box Retailers, Federal Government Agencies, Restaurant & Clothing Chains, Oil & Gas Companies, Schools.  Any organizations with a regional and/or national footprint.   

Articles/testimonials: see NISC website
If you have a need for such services and would like additional information contact:
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Marketing Coordinator
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Energy & Smart Grid Solutions
Distributed Generation
Our Industry leading Interactive Distributed Generation systems provide business customers with sophisticated smart grid capabilities that deliver energy efficiencies during peak power periods, and supply the most dependable standby power in the industry. Smart and flexible, our systems are engineered with our NexGear switchgear technology that enables them to be monitored 24x7 by our Smart Grid Monitoring Center.

The remote quick start functionality of these installations have been used to take advantage of the savings opportunities offered in avoiding peaking capacity costs by not only our consumers but by WFEC itself with over  40 MW now installed across the WFEC system. 
Current Customers: Cargill, City of Anadarko, Weatherford Regional Hospital, Atlas Pipeline LLC, FireLake Grand Casino
Articles/testimonials: Cargill – Business Week's CEO Guide to Smart Grid Technology


If you have a need for such services and would like additional information contact:
Brittany Hicks                    
Marketing Coordinator
405-247-4335    Office

Energy Management Information
Our web-enabled load profile presentation of energy consumption provides not only usage information but offers the intelligence and the tools to successfully manage power costs.  By incorporating sub metering and aggregation functionality this tool offers a unique means by which one can conduct rates and savings analysis.  By offering such via a web-enabled solution we have literally placed energy management expertise at your finger tips.

If you have a need for such services and would like additional information contact:
Brittany Hicks            
Marketing Coordinator

Weather Products & Tools

Weather plays an important role in the everyday operations of most businesses in Oklahoma including the electric utility industry.   Imagine the ability to know when and where a storm is going to hit your organization's assets enabling you to be “proactive” to weather rather than “reactive".   With our “state-of -the-science” custom systems we integrate your organization's assets to offer weather monitoring, detection, prediction, and alerting systems all targeted at your site specific locations.

Weather Decision Technologies

Some of the products offered:

iWatch serves as an operational asset monitoring tool. With iWatch your organization has the ability to monitor severe weather, ice, snow, and real time lightning strikes.  iWatch allows you to easily integrate asset maps into the weather display, creating a high-end custom and interactive weather monitoring tool.

Example of Western Farmers iWatch system with our transmission assets and substations integrated

iMapAlert Premium 
iMapAlert is a unique weather alerting service which provides site-specific weather forecasts and alerts for severe and hazardous weather right to your e-mail or mobile device (ie, cell phone).  iMapAlert leverages WDT’s unique and patent pending alerting engine which automatically identifies severe and hazardous weather that will impact your site specific location.

iMapAlert PREMIUM features include:
    •    Daily forecast e-mail
    •    Pertinent information from the cooperative (outage information, etc,)
    •    National Weather Service (NWS) alerts for 3 notification devices (e-mail or cell phone) and 3 moveable locations.
    •    6 Mile Lightning Proximity Alerts
    •    Text-to-speech Tornado Warning calls for 1 (one) phone number
    •    User portal interface that allows member to move and name their locations of interest (via Google Maps), set the types of       alerts they want to receive and where/how they want to receive the information.


Web Portal User Interface   



If you have a need for such services and would like additional information contact:
Brittany Hicks         
Marketing Coordinator
405-247-4335    Office
Digital Imagery Products
The newest product in our suite of services provides users with a unique means of being able to view and present their assets. Second only to real life, we create a completely immersive brand experiences within a web browser. Our strategic partner’s virtual tour software allows users to navigate a seamless world of beautiful 360º photography, literally changing the way people interact with brands, businesses, and environments anywhere in the world.  Complete with HD photography, plus sound, video, text and zoom capabilities, our strategic partner has started a Virtual Revolution.
Open your mind as to how your organization can use this technology to improve core business applications and/or present information to your customers. From operations to communications this service offers a custom high tech solution in the presentation of assets/resources. This technology is so new that most of the applications have not even been thought of yet … they reside in the minds of our consumers.

Click here to see how WFEC is using this application in our core business applications …