Fall 2013 WFEC EnerCom


Read about the Rocky Ridge Wind Project, one of four Oklahoma wind farms with which Western Farmers Electric Cooperative (WFEC) has power purchase agreements, which was officially dedicated in early September.  Also in this edition, upcoming challenges that could have a major impact on the electric utility industry are discussed. 

Spring/Summer Quarter - 2013


Three scholarship winners were selected in the GoGoGeo Video Scholarship Contest.  Read about their accomplishments in this quarter's EnerCom. Also, take a look at WFEC's involvement with the TransCanada Pipeline project in Oklahoma. 

2012 WFEC Annual Report

Browse WFEC's 2012 Annual Report in magazine format. Click here.

Open a PDF version:  

Winter Quarter - 2012


Read about the varying factors that determine a rate structure in this edition. Also, learn more about the GoGoGeo Video Scholarship Challenge, which is not under way for high school juniors and seniors. 

Fall Quarter - 2012


Oil and gas loads are leading to growth for cooperatives in the northwestern part of the state. Read about this growth boom in this quarter's EnerCom. Also, take a look inside what it takes to meet increasing reliability standards for the industry. WFEC's Compliance Team plays an active role in assuring that WFEC and its cooperatives are in compliance with these standards. 

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