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Products and Services:

Participating WFEC member co-ops will pay as their customers sign up for the program and realize greater volume discounts as other member co-op customers' sign on forming a "pool" of monitored meters and increasing the volume of meters in the program across the United States.  Member co-op's have the right to mark-up AEI's pricing to their customers.

WFEC member co-op customers that are already utilizing the service before date of execution of this agreement will be grandfathered in under existing prices from AEI.

Once the overall pool reaches at least 99 meters, then the volume discounts will begin to apply.  Participating WFEC member co-ops monthly services charges will be adjusted and discounted appropriately each billing month based on the meter volume that is pooled in the IMPA system.

Volume discounts are based on the type of communication required for AEI to access each meter on a daily basis.  There are 4 options: 

AEI will provide you and your customers with secure, detailed interval load profile data (KW, kVar, and kWh data) via the Internet.  This energy data is presented in an easy-to-read tabular and graphical format.  This tool allows your customer service reps and/or your customers to conduct end use analysis online or export the data for use in external benchmarking, auditing, billing, or energy management applications.  The 15-minute interval data is posted every night and available by 8:30 AM EST.  AEI's Load Profiler service offers an Internet-based solution that can provide the user with access to secure, detailed interval load data from any computer workstation equipped with Microsoft ExplorerTM or Netscape NavigatorTM.  

AEI's Load Profiler service will allow you and your customers to:

  • Look at the load profile of their facility for any date range they select.

  • Examine their profile in any resolution they select (15min, 30min, hr, day, week, month, year).

  • Overlay weather data on the profile to determine if usage anomalies are weather related.

  • Aggregate or compare the profiles for any grouping of facilities.

  • Conduct "what-if" analysis to determine the actual savings from various load reduction or peak shaving activities.

  • Use a comprehensive rate engine to model any rate or tariff and calculate the costs based upon their actual load profile.

  • Normalize usage profiles to weather data.

  • Compare historical usage to current usage.

  • Benchmark their usage against any contributing factors (percentage occupancy, manufacturing output, sales volume, etc) that is pertinent to their operations.

  • Export consumption data in common data formats (XML, CSV, etc) for use in their own accounting or benchmarking systems.

  • Administrator functions include controlling user access to rate editor functions; the ability to change user passwords; and generating reports showing who is using the service and for how long.

Option 1:
AEI calls a modem based utility meter using its MV90TM data acquisition system.  Each meter will be polled once/day.

Option 2:
Member co-op customer purchases a 4 channel AcquiliteTM recorder from AEI and installs it on a telephone allowing it to make outbound calls on a once/day basis to AEI's data collection system.  The customer will need to have a pulse output board installed in the Utility's meter and connected to the AcquiliteTM.  The AcquiliteTM recorder can record up to 4 meters.  The cost of the AcquiliteTM recorder is $650.00 plus $25.00 shipping and handling.

Option 3:

Member co-op customer purchases a 4 channel AcquiliteTM recorder as described in option 2 above and connects it to the internet via their ISP.  The recorder will then push data to AEI's data collection system via the World Wide Web.  This option will also be available for meters meeting ANSI communication specifications and are read via TCPIP.

 Option 4:

WFEC member co-ops will have the capability of sending monthly load profile data to AEI via email.  AEI will accept and present on website.

WFEC member co-ops will have the capability of sending monthly load profile data to AEI via email.  AEI will accept and present on website.
Pricing Schedule

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Overview of our agreement: (along with explanation of commission structure)
Automated Energy, Inc. (AEI) is pleased to present this proposal to the Western Farmers Electric Cooperative (WFEC). AEI is a premier supplier of on-line meter data presentment services in North America and Europe.  They provide our services to utilities (electric, water, & gas), energy providers, and corporations.  Their full spectrum of end-to-end metering, data, and energy management services allow our customers to increase operating efficiencies, deliver superior service, and manage risk. 

Data will be warehoused in a Tier I data center with full battery and generation backup.  As an added security measure, 3 sets of backup tapes will be made daily of your data and stored offsite in secure locations.  Four years of data will always be available online. The older data will be archived and stored offline.

They provide a full suite of services that will enable our customers to access this data and optimize operations via their Load Profile service.  This service can be very beneficial to key account representatives in building and maintaining customer loyalty.  This service is delivered as an application service provider (ASP) and is delivered over the Internet.  Because this service is as an ASP, it requires little IT support on your end and WFEC can brand and trademark this service as its own product.

AEI offers various options to gather the customer's data. We can collect data via dedicated and non-dedicated telephone lines with a variety of systems including MV-90, and Acquilite recorders.  We are also collecting data via TCP/IP connections for newer meters that meet ANSI communication standards and have "open" data tables.

AEI delivers a wide range of services and delivers a comprehensive suite of tools to your key account reps and customers.

The Commission Structure is typically $5.00/month on top of what AEI charges.  This amount can vary. 

 Marketing Materials (Digital)

"We began using Automated Energy's commercial load profiling application through our local utility (Loveland Water & Power) and realized a $40,000 in savings on our energy utility bills in the first two years of the program.  The web based application offered by Automated Energy allowed me, as a facility manager, to gain a better understanding on how to manage my air handlers and lighting within each school.  The program was easy to learn and was helpful from day one!"
Rob Stafford
Resource Energy and Conservation Manager
Thompson School District
Loveland, Colorado 

"We have used Automated Energy's Load Profiler service since 2003 to help our larger customers better manage their energy consumption.  Our local school district used Load Profiler to reduce energy consumption over 20% at their high school facility."
Jim White, P.E.
Senior Energy Conservation Engineer
Chelan County Public Utility District