Capturis - An NISC Company:
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Products and Services: 
NISC® offers multi-site utility end-customers with a utility information management service called Utility Bill Pay. This service offers utility bill payment administration, utility consumption and cost tracking as well as utility information services via the internet. NISC processes and pays your utility bills prioritized by due date. By adopting our "First Due, First Through" standard, NISC achieves a higher level of on-time payments, thus reducing your late fees and the potential for disconnection of service. At NISC, our primary concern is paying your utility bills timely and accurately and "First Due, First Through" is the process that sets our service apart.

NISC's Utility Bill Pay provides an aggregated billing solution for companies with multiple locations and a total outsourcing solution for utility payables. It helps accelerate invoice processing, assuring prompt vendor payments. Other features and benefits of Utility Bill Pay include:

  • Processing of electric, gas, water, sewer, fuel oil, waste and telecom invoices

  • Ability to benchmark consumption and cost data across facilities

  • Duplicate payment protection and balance due research

  • Internet-based invoice inquiry

  • Customized accounting/General Ledger interfaces

  • Archived images of bills on CD-ROM

  • Energy information management services

  • Reduce costs

With Utility Bill Pay, you can reduce your company's administrative costs, save time and provide powerful management decision support. Now you can outsource the costly and time-consuming task of tracking, evaluating and managing utility costs across multiple sites.

Please see attached referral partner agreement.  Earning potential is based on volume of individual clients signed to NISC as a full Utility Bill Pay customer.  The referring party receives $0.25 per invoice processed paid on a quarterly basis for clients with less than 1,000 invoices per month.  Referring party must register client with NISC before signed contract is in place.  Please utilize attached referral partner agreement.

Please see sample pricing proposal.  For clients with more than 1,000 invoices per month, please contact Becky Haakenson, at 866-999-6472 Ext. 6629or for customized quote.

To schedule a WebEx presentation for a potential client or referral partner, please contact Becky Haakenson at