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The Cooperative Home Energy Efficiency Program is a partnership between the Electric Cooperative, Precise Building Performance and Titan ES to offer homeowners the chance to get rebates when performing approved Energy Upgrades.

The process starts with scheduling an Energy Audit of your home.  Precise Building Performance will come to your home and perform an energy audit that will include a Blower Door test to find out how well your home is sealed against the outside air.  A Duct Blaster test will find out how well your HVAC system's ducting is sealed to keep the temperature controlled air it produces going where it is supposed to and to make sure the return air is getting its supply of air where it should - the interior of your home.  Plus, inspection of sealed penetrations to the outside. 

Titan ES will then perform the verified, needed upgrades on your home.  Titan ES has been performing these types of upgrades for over 20 years and has worked with several different utilities and Tribal authorities as the premier weatherization contractor for these organizations.  After the upgrades are performed, they will test to verify the improvement. 

Both Precise Building Performance and Titan ES bring the experience of thousands of Energy Audits and Home Upgrades to the home.

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