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Key Customers/Accounts

Key Account training is essential in keeping in tune of what is going on in our industry and learning effect ways to better communicate with our customers.  WFEC holds two training days each year; one in the spring and one in the fall for member Key Account representatives and some of their communication staff.  Our local opportunities, as well as some national opportunities, also exist.  These will allow you to obtain your continuing education credits (CEUs). Information will be coming soon on the next meeting.  If you have any questions, please contact Brittany Hicks at 405-247-4335,

January 2-16 Key Account Meeting - November 2-3, 2016


January 15 Key Account Meeting Presentations:


Key Account Portfolio

You will find that running the numbers to see the Return on Investment analysis by consumer is an important exercise in order to see just how each of your top loads truly effect your co-op's financials.  Below you will find a tool that will help you gather the data needed.  You will find that not just single loads make up your top accounts, but an aggregation of metering locations under one consumers name can move them up with the top users of energy.

Please work with your WFEC key account liaison through this process.