GEO Drilling

This gallery contains photos of loop drilling underway on one of the GEO Validation sites near Binger, Oklahoma on 7-17-13.

GEO Validation

Sub-Metering Installation has begun  for the GEO Validation Project.  This gallery contains photos of two installations at homes near Gracemont and Binger, Oklahoma.

WFEC Trustees and iPad Portalbility

WFEC's Trustees are responsible for understanding, managing and setting the strategic business course of Western Farmers Electric Cooperative. Equipped with iPads, the Trustees can quickly access pertinent business information. In 2011, WFEC generated more than $450 million in operating revenues.  Having quick, accurate information is imperative to making sound decisions for our G&T.  This gallery contains photos of several WFEC Trustees working at their own businesses and conducting the business of WFEC.  WFEC's quarterly publication EnerCom contains additional information related to this subject.

PR-MR & Marketing Assoction Fall Meeting 2012

This gallery contains photos from the meeting held on Monday, October 1st and 2nd.  Some of featured speakers included: Rick Sosa from Sandridge Energy, Travis Herman with the Oklahoma City Thunder and OSU's Dr. Phil Kenkel.

WFEC Strategic Planning Retreat 9-11-12

WFEC's Board of Trustees recently met for a Strategic Planning Retreat in Norman, Oklahoma.  The Board heard from Gary Krellenstein, Managing Director at Kroll Bond Ratings.  Mr. Krellenstein's presented an overview of Kroll Bond Rating followed by his main presentation entitled, "The energy markets have turned upside-down.  What is WFEC supposed to do now?"  Among other agenda items, there was also an update on members' efforts to manage load featuring three panelists from WFEC distribution cooperatives.

GEO Ranch Workshop, 5-10-2012

This gallery contains photos taken at the geothermal heat pump workshop conducted at the GeoRanch facility near New Waverly, Texas.  Representatives from eight distribution cooperatives and members of WFEC's Marketing staff attended the all-day workshop.  It featured lectures and demonstrations presented by field professionals at nine different learning stations at various locations throughout the site.  Topics included: Vertical Drilling, Loop & Minifold Installation, Pond Loop Allication, Grouting Procedures, Cirulations Pumps, pipe Fusion Techniques, Flushing & Purging, Radiant Floor Heat and Sales & Economics.  The workshop was hosted by ClimateMaster and several other industry-related companies. The day following the workshop, the Oklahoma and New Mexico co-op attendees inspected a premier cultural facility, the recently opened Asia Society Texas Center.  This $40M building's heating and cooling is provided by a ground source heat pump system located beneath an adjacent parking lot.

Earth Day 2012

This gallery contains additional photos of Earth Day 2012.  Photos are also posted on WFEC's public website gallery.  We will continue to post photos here from the event here as they become available.

Board Meeting In New Mexico 3-21-12 Additional Photos

This gallery contains additional photos of the 3-21-12 Board Meeting held in Lovington, New Mexico at the headquarters of Lea County Electric Cooperative.

Central Valley Electric Cooperative Annual Meeting 2/25/2012

This gallery contains  a selection of photos shot at Central Valley Electric Cooperative's (CVEC) recent annual meeting.  It was held in Artesia, New Mexico in the local high school auditorium.  Also included are two views of CVEC's headquarters building.

LCEC Plant Dedicated In Lovington, N.M.

This folder contains photos from the February 28, 2012 dedication of the new Lea County Electric Cooperative (LCEC) gas-fired power plant. The plant generates electricity with five (5) Wartsila 20VerSG generating units.  Power generated at the plant will become part of WFEC's electric power mix.  LCEC was one of four New Mexico distribution co-ops to join Western Farmers Electric Cooperative in 2010.  LCEC Generation, LLC will be transferred to WFEC in the future.  

Anadarko Plant Switch Station Work

Work has continued on WFEC's Anadarko Plant Switch Yard upgrade.  View several photos of the work including the most recent:  transfer of a newly arrived transformer by rail. 

Two Member Co-ops Team Up For Annual Employee Meeting

Kiwash Electric Cooperative and Northfolk Electric Cooperative teamed up for a unique presentation as part of the two cooperatives joint annual employee meeting.  The meeting was held at the Frisco Center in Clinton, Oklahoma and featured a lively presentation by award-winning industrial and organiztional consultant Kristine Sexter.  Her program entitled, "Wildly Successful Electric Cooperative Professionals!" provided information and examples for creating better employees and work environments.  And, it featured a live alligator!  Participants were encouraged to wear their "wild", and prizes were awarded to "most appropriately dressed for the occasion".

CoachesAid 2010

This gallery contains photos from the 2010 CoachesAid program in Oklahoma City.

Earth Day

This gallery contains photos from Earth Day activities.  If you are looking for a specific photograph you do not see here, or within any gallery, please contact Mark Daugherty.