GEO Ranch Workshop, 5-10-2012

This gallery contains photos taken at the geothermal heat pump workshop conducted at the GeoRanch facility near New Waverly, Texas.  Representatives from eight distribution cooperatives and members of WFEC's Marketing staff attended the all-day workshop.  It featured lectures and demonstrations presented by field professionals at nine different learning stations at various locations throughout the site.  Topics included: Vertical Drilling, Loop & Minifold Installation, Pond Loop Allication, Grouting Procedures, Cirulations Pumps, pipe Fusion Techniques, Flushing & Purging, Radiant Floor Heat and Sales & Economics.  The workshop was hosted by ClimateMaster and several other industry-related companies. The day following the workshop, the Oklahoma and New Mexico co-op attendees inspected a premier cultural facility, the recently opened Asia Society Texas Center.  This $40M building's heating and cooling is provided by a ground source heat pump system located beneath an adjacent parking lot.