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New Spin is the leading innovator in virtual  technology. As the nation's premier virtual tour provider, we excel in creating online platforms that deliver an experience as powerful as a real visit... an experience that can showcase your economic development websites like never before.  The dynamic partnership between WFEC and New Spin means an exciting opportunity to receive premium access to discounts on this incredible new technology. New Spin will even allow you to share your discount with your business partners!

WFEC & Partners:
Discover boundless economic growth while creating a synergistic bond, which is sure to enhance your business or community partner's marketing success. Virtual tours and economic benefits go hand in hand when you have access to such a versatile and powerful marketing tool.

What can a virtual tour do for you and your partners?

Economic Development:
Sharing ideas is a great way to generate goodwill and improve your client relationships. Give your Oklahoma accounts something to remember by contributing and sharing access to an unforgettable interactive experience.

Share Ideas:
Publicize and sponsor brand exposure at any event your partners hold by sharing it with the world through our high definition virtualization software. Our tours captivate viewers by giving them a front row seat that rivals a real life experience.

Looking at the needs of your partners, consider the versatility of New Spin's Field Asset View. FAV can be used for engineering, operations, customer service, and even safety through its all-encompassing view of all assets in any location, accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Field Asset View:
Going forward, New Spin will continue to provide many services to WFEC and its partners, from sharing and exploring economic growth, to showcasing large events to clientele all over the globe. If you're looking to grow your company or the community, virtual tour software may be in your future!

Questions? Send an email to, or 1-800-360-6695 ext.61