Generation & Transmission Assets Vital

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Generation resources and transmission investments are two key factors that allow WFEC to meet the supply demands of their distribution cooperatives, while keeping up with industry challenges and innovation. 

Providing a well diversified mix of generation resources helps ensure a reliable and economical power supply for WFEC members. WFEC resources include a coal-based power plant that produces low-cost, around-the-clock power. Also, a large portion of WFEC’s generation portfolio is supplied by natural gas units. Wind resources and hydropower allocations also make up a part of the overall energy mix, as well. This well balanced mix is generated through a combination of owned baseload, intermediate loaded  power plants and  peaking units in addition to purchases. 

With a focus on both the present and future power requirements of its members, WFEC continues to evaluate capacity needs. WFEC is properly positioned to maintain a reliable supply of electricity to its  member cooperatives well into the future. 

Transmission investments are also an essential and ongoing component of WFEC’s work plan. After all, it’s the transmission infrastructure that ensures dependable power delivery to member cooperatives throughout the state. 

Maintaining and/or improving reliability levels for both generation and transmission assets is a leading everyday priority. This alone indicates the importance of seeing that dependable service is carried out on a day-to-day basis.