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Welcome to PowerSecure

We are a pioneer in the development of Energy and Smart Grid Solutions for electric utilities, and their commercial, institutional, and industrial customers. Our Energy and Smart Grid Solutions businesses provide products and services in the areas of Interactive Distributed Generation®(IDG®), Utility Infrastructure, and Energy Efficiency. We also provide Energy Services to the oil and natural gas industry through our Southern Flow and WaterSecure business units.                

Products and Services :
Interactive Distributed Generation® (IDG®):
Our Interactive Distributed Generation (IDG®) systems are intelligent, and engineered with our proprietary NexGear® technology, enabling them to be controlled electronically "24 x 7" by our Smart Grid Monitoring Center. This monitoring center proactively forecasts high cost peak electricity demand, and deploys more efficient IDG power at optimal times for optimal durations, providing bottom-line benefits by reducing electricity costs. In addition, there may be environment benefits from reduced carbon emissions when IDG can be dispatched more efficiently than traditional spinning reserve power sources. Our systems provide security, business continuity and efficiency on behalf of utilities for a growing number of institutions, commercial, municipal, and industrial facilities.

Utility Infrastructure:
Our UtilityServices unit is focused on helping utilities with transmission and distribution system upgrades and maintenance, substation design and construction, installation of advanced metering and efficient lighting, and emergency storm restoration. UtilityServices provides these services for some of the largest, most sophisticated utility power networks in the nation. 

Transmission & Distribution Services - We have an experienced team of experts in maintenance and construction of transmission and distribution systems. Our services include:

  • Overhead and underground maintenance and construction

  • Transformer installations and upgrades

  • Cable and line upgrades and replacement

  • Duct banks

  • Overhead/underground conversion, and other general construction and repair work

Substation Products and Services  - Our substation capabilities are comprehensive - including the ability to engineer, procure, and construct new infrastructure and upgrade existing sites, as well as the ability to provide solutions that incorporate renewable energy sources. Our team brings decades of experience to every project. We put our customers first, and we work hard to deliver the smartest, most technologically advanced solutions in the marketplace.

Advanced Metering  - Our capabilities include installing advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) to enable the implementation of smart grid technologies.

Storm Restoration - Our storm restoration teams have built a strong positive reputation in the marketplace of outstanding performance in very difficult conditions. Our teams mobilize with extraordinary speed to assist utilities with power restoration -- and a strong sense of purpose to deliver quality results.

Energy Efficiency: 
Our Energy Efficiency business provides products and services that reduce energy costs, delivering strong returns on our customers' energy investments and benefits to the environment. 

This includes our exciting new state-of-the-art EfficientLightsTM LED lighting fixture for grocery and drug store refrigerated cases. EfficientLights replaces traditional fluorescent lighting in these cases, delivering a strong return on investment by reducing lighting energy use approximately 70 percent. Additionally, replacing traditional fluorescent fixtures with EfficientLights lighting reduces maintenance costs, extends the life of the lights approximately five-fold, and eliminates the disposal of the fluorescent bulbs which contain mercury. We estimate that on average, a grocery store retrofitted with EfficientLights technology reduces its carbon footprint by approximately 40 tons of carbon emissions annually. Importantly, our EfficientLights technology delivers a significantly upgraded quality of light to a refrigerated case, enhancing the consumer's in-store shopping experience.

Our Innovative Electronic Solutions Lighting team leads the industry in their ability to develop LED lighting products for utilities and commercial, industrial, and institutional customers. The acquisition of IES significantly enhances our LED lighting development capabilities to accelerate the expansion of new products, complementing and building on the success of our EfficientLights business. Since 2002, the IES team has engineered dozens of innovative lighting products for many of the largest and fastest growing LED lighting companies in the marketplace. The foundation for IES's success is its expertise and market leading technology in the areas of LED power drivers, light engines, and thermal management solutions. This expertise and technology enables IES to design and manufacture high quality LED lighting products with strong competitive advantages because of their compelling returns on investment. Their product's strong financial returns are driven by the ability of their lighting designs to maximize the energy efficiency savings for a given light output. 

Additionally, our EnergyLite business unit identifies, designs, and installs cost effective energy improvement systems for industrial, commercial, and institutional customers in the areas of lighting and building controls. EnergyLite's solutions offer strong returns on investment for customers, and are designed to maximize energy efficiency and deliver a positive and productive workplace environment. 

Overview of our agreement (along with explanation of commission structure)

PowerSecure has enjoyed a strong marketing relationship with WFEC since 2005.  During this time, we have worked with WFEC and a number of the WFEC Distribution Cooperatives, developing and implementing almost 50MWs of distributed generation. Once of the reasons we feel this relationship has been successful is the simplicity of our agreement. In short, if a distribution cooperative engages PowerSecure to provide engineering services or turnkey / company owned equipment sales, PowerSecure will provide a marketing rebate in the amount of 5% of the project gross revenue. This 5% is then split with WFEC receiving 2% and the distribution cooperative receiving 3%. One note that might be of interest is that in order to qualify for the marketing rebate, the end use customer does not have to be a WFEC / Distribution CoOp, the CoOp simply needs to be actively involved in making the introduction and supporting the sales process. 

Due to the complexity of site variations, most of our proposals will require a site visit in order to obtain the necessary information for turkey installations; however, there is a lot of information that can be determined in advance to help validate the benefit of a site visit. We have included a sample proposal for a single generator site along with generic construction docs for your review. This level of proposal detail can typically be delivered to you for presentation to your client, with our without PowerSecure participation, in approx 1 week from the site visit.