WindWorks® is a program that allows cooperative members to participate in Oklahoma wind power by purchasing Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) equal to a portion of their monthly energy bill.  

A Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) is a receipt generated when power from a renewable energy source such as a wind farm is delivered to the transmission grid.  Each WindWorks® REC represents the environmental benefits of 100 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity produced at the Blue Canyon Wind Farm, Buffalo Bear Wind Farm or Red Hills Wind Farm.

RECs make it possible for families and businesses that want, or are required, to support renewable energy to participate in these projects by matching up some or all of their monthly electric consumption with RECs from these wind farms.  A typical Oklahoma family that consumes 1,200 kWhs of electricity each month could match 100 percent of their use with WindWorks® RECs for an additional $6.00 per month.  By just purchasing one REC each month (just 50 cents per month!) you could have the same environmental impact as planting a half an acre of trees or not driving 2,780 miles in your car.

To sign up to purchase WindWorks® RECs, electric cooperative members can call their local electric cooperative or contact Kalun Kelley@at

Blue Canyon Wind Farm:
Location: Near Lawton, Oklahoma - spreads over the Slick Hills in parts of Caddo and Comanche counties (southwest Oklahoma)

Size: 45 Vestas 1.65 megawatt turbines (Phase 1 of project)
Owner & Operator: Horizon Wind Energy
Began commercial operation in December 2003.

Buffalo Bear Wind Farm
Location: Near Buffalo, Oklahoma - Harper County (Northwest Oklahoma)
Size: 9 Suzlon 2.1 megawatt turbines
Owner & Operator: Edison Mission Group
Began commercial operation in December 2008.

Red Hills Wind Farm
Location: Near Elk City, Oklahoma - spreads across 5,000 acres in Roger Mills and Custer counties (western Oklahoma)
Size: 82 Acciona 1.5 megawatt turbines
Owner & Operator: Acciona Energy
Began commercial operation in June 2009.

Rocky Ridge Wind Project - 150 MW
Location: Near Rocky, OK
Owner & Operator: Enel Green Power North America
Began commercial operation in June, 2012

Wildcat Wind Farm - 27 MW
Location: Near Lovington, NM
Owner & Operator: Exelon
Began commercial operation in July, 2012

Brahms BEP Wind I & II - 18 MW
Location: Near Grady, NM
Owner & Operator: BayWar.e. Wind, LLC
Bagan commercial operation in February, 2014