Weather Decision Technologies, Inc.  
201 David L Boren Blvd, Ste 270
Norman, OK
Contact:  Matt Gaffner
Office: (405) 579-7675

Weather Decision Technologies, Inc. (WDT) Summary:
Founded in 1999, WDT has been awarded Inc. 500 and Inc. 5000 status after experiencing 80 percent annual growth during its first four years and continued rapid growth in the past few years. The company has become a global leader in providing state-of-the-science weather detection, geo-mapping, and forecasting systems and services to its global partners and customers.

WDT utilizes its global expertise to provide unique content, applications, services and systems to our partners and customers. We work with and license state-of-the-science technologies from the world's leading weather research organizations to provide superior weather prediction capabilities to companies with weather sensitive end consumers. 

WDT has built "state-of-the-science" custom systems and services for utilities, international airports and other large-scale enterprises.  

WDT currently offers multiple products into the electric cooperative industry ranging from asset monitoring system to consumer or member based web and alerting services.

Products and Services:
iMapPro (formerly branded iWatch)
iMapPro meets cooperative core needs as an operational asset monitoring tool. With iMapPro, G&T's and distribution cooperatives have the ability to monitor severe weather, ice and snow, and real time lightning strikes across their service territories.  iMapPro allows the cooperative to easily integrate asset maps such as distribution/transmission lines and substations into the weather display, creating  a high-end custom and interactive weather monitoring tool.
Pricing: starting at $139/month

Principle 7
Principle 7 offers the same advanced weather and lightning monitoring tools found in iMapPro to local schools and fire departments.  With Principle 7, distribution cooperatives have the ability to offer high-end and high costs lightning alerting tools to local schools and fire departments for a fraction of the cost. 

Pricing: $100/month for software that can be installed at up to 10 local schools and fire departments.  This $100 is billed to the co-op.  The co-op can bill the schools or fire departments if desired.

Touchstone Weather Connection App
The Touchstone Weather Connection App is a coop branded  smartphone application seeking to support the National Weather Service and local media partners to improve communication of warnings and save lives through weather radio style weather alerts and information . In addition to weather alerts and the below features, coops now have the ability to communicate directly with their audience through their iOS and Android smart phones.


  • Put all of the power of a weather radio in your hand

  • Use all of the features and capabilities of a Smartphone

  • Make it easy to use and more relevant

  • Provide a premium experience oniOSand Android

Alert Features

  • Phone wakes up automatically, beeps, speaks to you

  • Alerts for your current location and for saved locations

  • Polygon-based alerts, combined with"follow me"LBS, provide increased relevancy, potentially better response

Pricing: Free to download Touchstone Weather Connection. Codes to upgrade to premium version coop branded app is $2.00 per code


Co-opCast is a desktop application that brings real time weather information to member's computer desktops.  Members simply go to an electric co-ops website to download the application. Once downloaded, members automatically receive real time weather information and alerts.  Co-opCast offers more than just weather content. Through an advanced administrative interface, co-ops can send important information to members through the application.

Pricing: $100/month to continue Co-opCast services offered through the Touchstone Energy Cooperatives of Oklahoma effort.  Custom branded desktop applications can be purchased starting at $350/month