WFEC is an Exciting Place to Work

First, we have a challenging mission: Keep the Lights On.  It is of prime importance to keep electricity available to all our distribution cooperative members.  Our goal is to see that lights come on when a member flips the electric switch.  Whether electric power comes from WFEC generation or from power purchases, we supply all our member customers’ electric needs.

We build and maintain an electric generation and transmission system that brings electricity to our members’ distribution system. The distribution systems carry it to their individual and business members.  

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When electricity service is interrupted by storms, floods or mechanical problems, we immediately commit the resources necessary to get service back on as soon as possible.

WFEC incorporates high technology to support our mission.  Computerized plant controls, sophisticated electric power dispatching, remote transmission system operation and microwave data transmission are all part of our technical support systems that help keep the lights on.

WFEC Emphasizes Employee Learning and Development
WFEC is committed to using new technology.  With new technologies come new opportunities for employee development and learning.  New software, updated control systems and new levels of efficient operations require high-tech knowledge and regular training.  We emphasize employee skills development with accredited apprenticeship programs in the power line transmission/substation areas and generation maintenance.  

WFEC supports our employees’ knowledge development with online college credit and degree programs related to power plant operations and transmission careers.  Professional accreditation programs and continuous learning are important aspects of keeping our employees current. We also support continuing adult college and technical education with our educational reimbursement program.  

Working at WFEC Means Access to the Rural Lifestyle and Community
Our work sites offer the small town life style yet are within driving distance of metro areas.  We live and work in rural communities where community commitment is a way of life.  Working at WFEC makes you part of our family and your family a part of the community.