The WindWorks® Program was created as a means to enable a Cooperative's retail members to participate in renewable energy through the purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) equivalent to some level of their electricity consumption at the meter.   A WindWorks® REC is a tradable receipt issued when 100 kWh's of electricity is generated at the Blue Canyon, Red Hills or Buffalo Bear Wind Farms is placed on the transmission grid.  A REC represents the environmental benefits of renewable energy, and your members are charged 50¢ for each REC they wish to purchase through the program.
Cooperative members may sign up by filling out the WindWorks® registration form.

Windworks® charge should appear as any other added charge or service that might be billed on the statement, and the charge will appear on the member's bill until the member requests to be removed from the program.

Participating co-ops must report the number of RECs billed each month to WFEC via an email reporting form.  WFEC confirms the number submitted each month via email, and bills the co-op for the wholesale cost of the RECs on a quarterly basis.  The wholesale cost of WindWorks® RECs is 20¢ each (co-ops make 30¢ for each REC sold).  The wholesale WindWorks® bills are issued separately from the wholesale power bill. 

For more information on the WindWorks® Program, please contact Brittany Hicks at (405) 247-4335 or